Top 5 Coffee Plantations Locations in India

Like Americans, South Indians are absolutely in over their coffee. Do you know which is the largest coffee-producing state in India?

Coffee was first introduced to India especially in the mountains in Chikmagalur in Karnataka around 1670 through the Indian Sufi Saint Baba Budan. Who carried the beans of coffee with the beans from Yemen. Since then, coffee plantations are now established in the region and extend southwards to Coorg. 

Nature has given all four South Indian states the perfect climate and soil to allow for the growth of coffee which is the most loved in the world. Indian coffee, which grows mainly in the southern part of India in monsoon. The conditions is known as an Indian monsoon-brewed coffee. 

It is believ that the finest Indian coffee is able to replicate the taste qualities that are characteristic of Pacific coffees. Two of the most well-known varieties of coffee that grows are “Arabica” and “Robusta.”.

The production of coffee in India is concentrate in the hills that comprise South Indian states, with the state of Karnataka being the largest contributor. Accounting for 53% followed by Kerala at 28 percent along with Tamil Nadu at 11% of the total production of 8,200 tonnes. 

About 80 percent of India’s coffee production sales to export markets. Out of the exports, 70% the exports are going to Germany, Russian Federation, Spain, Belgium, Slovenia, the United States, Japan, Greece, Netherlands, France, Italy and comprises 29% of exports. 

Do you know that Indian coffee believes to be the most exquisite coffee? Which grows in shade, rather than in direct sunlight in any part of the world.

The numerous unique accommodations and luxurious resorts that have sprung up in the region over time have only enhanced the joy of drinking coffee. 

On this International Coffee Day, let’s explore the Kappi trail in India and learn about some of the landmarks you will encounter along the route. The best parts of each of these places are as amazing as the warm and steaming coffee.

1. Coorg, Karnataka

The Tamara

  • You can make your own tea
  • Pick the berries when they are in the season, and then process them before pulsing then blending and roasting beans to create your own blend that you can bring to your home.
  • Enjoy a guided tour through the estate’s 180-acre coffee estate that includes pepper, cardamom, and cardamom.
  • Relax with any type of coffee cup spa treatment

Tracks for Plantation by Tata Coffee

  • Tee off on an 18-hole golf course that is surrounded by coffee plantations and hills
  • Visit the plantations to observe birds You can choose coffee throughout the right season (Apr-Nov for Arabica and the month of December for Robusta)

Vivanta by Taj Madikeri

  • You can check-in for a robust and steaming cup of coffee while enjoying the stunning views
  • Take your time and follow your nose to the taste of coffee
  • Take a walk through the spice and coffee plantations

Orange County

  • The art of telling Arabica different from Robusta is a skill that you can learn on the plantation tour at Orange County
  • You can lose track of time in the cafe lounge that overlooks paddy fields.

The Rainforest Reset at Mojo Plantation

  • The Rainforest Retreat’s most appealing feature is its unique version of Kopi Luwak or Civet Coffee
  • A visit to the coffee plantation can be an excellent introduction to organic cultivation

Old Kent Estates

  • Take a peek into the daily life of a planter at one of the nation’s oldest estates
  • The property is 200 acres and is colonial-era. pepper, cardamom, and coffee plants flourish under the shades of centuries-old rosewood as well as silver oak
  • Get your dinner on with the estate’s specialty coffee otherwise, it is exported into an Italian roaster

2. Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Serai Serai

  • It is the most luxurious origin for Cafe Coffee Day and is controlled by the company that makes this coffee.
  • Explore the area by bicycle or on an excursion to a coffee plantation and relax with a coffee scrub or massage in the spa

Primrose Villas

  • Enjoy a cup of coffee after dinner under the stars or at a barbecue in the villa
  • Take a stroll through the coffee estate in the hills, hikes, and a visit to Primrose Farm.

Flatback Lodges

  • Pet owners can enjoy their caffeine at this location that welcomes animals and hosts welcoming German shepherds
  • Explore the estate of coffee visit the bird sanctuary, or take an ATV through the waterfalls and hills

Halli Berri

  • The farm is Rainforest Alliance Certified for its sustainable farming practices.
  • A women-owned company, Halli Berri has been cultivating beans in the Karnataka region’s Baba Budan range since 1948
  • Take an estate walk through the coffee plantations and watch out for birds.
  • You’re traveling through Chikmaglur? Visit Chikmaglur to enjoy a cup of brews and views at the adorable Coffee Barn Cafe

3. Wayanad, Kerala

Pepper Trail

  • Explore the 200-acre tea, coffee, and spice plantation by coracle, canoe, bicycle or jeep
  • Relax in the renovated 140-year-old colonial house perched 40 feet. high in a treehouse. Here you will wake up to the delightful bird calls and a warm cup of coffee.

The grassroots

  • Five Swiss luxury tents are set within three acres of coffee, areca pepper, and nut plantation. overlooking tea gardens with misty mountains.
  • Explore the four-wheeled forest, enjoy a picnic on a hill and then visit the 300-year-old plantation residence in which Mahatma Gandhi was also spotted.

Tranquil Resort

  • Enjoy an organized tour of the 400-acre spice and coffee plantation
  • Pick from rooms, cottages, and treehouses for your stay, and be on the lookout for the Malabar Hornbill along the 13 trails of walking that meander through the estate.

4. Palani Hills, Tamil Nadu

Rajakkad Estate:

  • Enjoy a touch of history while enjoying your morning cup of coffee
  • Visit the farm on a guided tour. the estate for coffee and spices and farm, hike through the nearby ridges or read an e-book in a hammock.

5. Araku Valley, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Coffee Museum

  • Unique coffee museums in India
  • Staffed by tribal experts The museum displays an array of photographs that explain the story of coffee’s origins and the development of coffee.
  • 60 different varieties of coffees, as well as 600 varieties of coffee chocolate, are offered here.
  • You can satisfy your appetite and quench your desire by eating brownies, sandwiches, chocolates as well as tarts, mousses, mousses, and more. and sip on the stimulating coffees

It’s time to wash off our blues with a shot of caffeine and this is also in the country where coffee is a staple. 

On your coffee break, blessed as you remember those golden phrases. It’s amazing that the world starts to transform through one drink of coffee.’

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