Men’s Fashion Pieces That Will Elevate Your Style

Style may seem complex, but it isn’t. The truth is that looking trendy only requires that you make one or two changes to your wardrobe. The following are a few men’s fashion pieces that’ll help elevate your style.

Knitted Ties

At some point, you’ll have to attend a formal event. If you have to do this, you’ll need a tie. While this seems pretty straightforward, you can use this as an opportunity to make a fashion statement, and it won’t be that hard. Instead of those typical ties, go for a knitted one. It might seem too simple, but the reality is that people don’t expect ties like this, which will help you stand out. You’ll feel pretty stylish, and it wasn’t hard to do.

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Selvage Jeans

Jeans are jeans, right? Wrong. Some jeans are better constructed than others, and if you want your jeans to look stylish, you want to look for selvage jeans. The material feels better, and the stitching is flawless. These types of jeans are trending at the moment. You can see this if you check out the following men’s fashion pieces, highlighting today’s popular fashion trends. Be sure to wear these jeans with upturned hems to complete the look.

Grandad Collar

Fashion continues to find ways to be more relaxed. You can see this with the trendy collar shirts. The traditional collar shirts are still worn but aren’t popular anymore. Men who want to look fashionable are wearing grandad collar shirts. The idea that something named grandad would be fashion-forward seems odd, yet these collars are more relaxed, which makes them trendy. You should add one of these shirts to your wardrobe as soon as possible.

Leather Bag

At some point, you’ll need to carry a bag. Maybe you’ll need a shopping bag or a backpack when you commute. If you want to elevate your look, then look for leather versions of these bags. If you are vegan, look for vegan leather, which is usually made out of apple peels or pineapple leaves. Your look will seem much cleaner and more stylish with these sorts of bags. Leather bags are also versatile. They can be used casually or in a professional setting. Both of these leather options are long-lasting, so that’s a plus.

Casual Jacket

The next piece to add to your wardrobe is the casual jacket. These jackets can be worn casually and professionally, depending on what you choose to wear them with. For example, you can wear it with dress pants and a collared shirt. These jackets have to be relaxed at the shoulders. They have to fit well, and the material should be light. Stick to solid colors for more versatility, but you can mix up the pattern or texture a bit if you want.

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Printed Formal

Formal shirts are usually one color. Well, that’s how it’s been for a while, but things are changing. Men want to play around with their style and are finding creative ways to do so. One thing that’s being done is wearing a printed shirt, maybe a floral printed shirt under a two-piece suit. This can be done for semi-formal events or formal events as long as it’s casual enough. The look opens up so many opportunities for men. The print can be virtually anything you want as long as it feels right.


This is one thing men used to stay away from. You can go beyond the one bulky manly ring. You can wear all sorts of rings now. You can wear earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, just to name a few options. The key is finding pieces that fit your look and style. This is going to take some experimentation, so make sure you’re willing to try a few things, even if you don’t think they are going to work. Have someone you trust with you that can help you decide if a look works or not.


Now, you know about some of the pieces that could elevate your style. It’s key to follow your heart when it comes to these suggestions because everything you wear has to feel natural to you, but hopefully, these tips help.

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