Add Me To Search: Anyone Can create ‘People Card’ on Google!

Google(California-based tech giant) launched a new India-first service People Card also named Add Me To Search. People can create their business accounts and also personal identity by using this amazing feature! Before you start just to make sure you signed in to your Google account.

Let’s see, how to create your own business virtual card:

Step 1: Take your phone and type ‘Add Me To Search’ in the browser.

Add me to search on Google search, credit: Google Blog

Step 2: After that, the page Google navigates to the ‘Edit Your Public Profile’ page. Here, the form appears and you will be asked to fill up your personal information like image, about your self, links to your profile or social media accounts, phone number and email address.

Credit: Google Official Blog

Step 3: Once you complete the form, you can view the preview and if it’s look good without any bugs, press the save button.

Credit: Google Official Blog

Step 4: And that’s it, your virtual card will be created and go live in a few minutes!

Credit: Google Official Blog

If you want to view your name on Google then go to your Google app on your phone and type your name, the search result will show the relevant data of your business.

Who can create the People Card?

“For the millions of influencers, entrepreneurs, prospective employees, self-employed individuals, freelancers, or anyone else out there who wants to be discovered, we hope this new Search feature will help the world find them. For people in India searching on mobile phones, people cards are rolling out in English starting today (August 11),” said Lauren Clark, Product Manager, Google Search.

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