4 Amazeballs Things To Visit In Jaisalmer: The Golden City

Best Things To Do In Jaisalmer

The Jaisalmer – the ‘Golden City’, which has come to be known as a majestic place. Tour to Jaisalmer was the best part of my journey to Rajasthan. It has marvelous stock of golden stones, sam and dunes very near to the city, a huge fort in center of the city looks like the sun kissed the houses. I’ve visited Udaipur, Jaipur many times but none of them compare to the breath taking golden city that is Jaisalmer.

I stayed in Amigo Camps which is located 1.5 km from Sam Sand Dunes. I planned for 2 days at Jaisalmer i.e from early morning to next day night halt. Nevertheless the moment of my stay was worth remembering.

1. Jaisalmer Fort

The fort famed of has withstood earthquakes and sandstorms for a millenia, but now shifts and crumbles. The fort was built in 1156, and is a proud chattel of the Bhati clan. Rawal Jaiswal was the founder of Jaisalmer city, and Jaisalmer fort was built in his reign.

The view of the sunset from this fort is just eye conic as specially for photographer. Jaislamer Fort as specially known for ‘Sonar Qila’ beacuse it is made of yellow stone.

2. Bada Bagh

This bada bagh place is very famous for sunset point in Jaisalmer and in the evening lots of tourist and people go there and see the sunset and enjoy the cremation ground of royal maharajas. It is very interesting place to visit. The place is also known as ‘chatri’ as it has a series of royal cenotaphs. It has breathtaking picturesque view.

3. Gadi Sagar Lake

Gadi Sagar Lake is the calmest place in this city. I and my friends were sitting over there and watch the elegant sunset. After the beautiful sunset, we take the ride of the boat and enjoying the scenario of the lake. After that, we have some lots of shopping from the local market outside the front gate of the lake. The chirping of birds, the temple music traditions play every day, the gentle pleasant sound of water, makes the scene more attractive and calm.

4. Camel Safari

You must visit the Sam and Dunes You must visit Sam and Dunes while exploring the Golden City. They will be offered a camel safari and a jeep safari. It’s the most popular tourist attraction in Rajasthan. The Sam Sand Dunes are located in the Desert National Park. My overall experience was so good.

Jaisalmer has unique plenty of other Haveli’s, temples and so-called ghost villages. However, I had only 3 days to explore all of the things to do. Traveling The Golden City was worth remembering!

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